IT Support Services - Your Remote IT DepartmentEven the most basic of IT systems will require some support eventually. Many small- to mid-sized companies in our Indianapolis area rely heavily on their IT assets to run their business day-to-day. In fact, some small businesses are doing quite well-accomplishing things that, prior to the advancement of technology, they simply would not have been able to do at all.

For large-scale enterprises, the answer has always been to hire and maintain their own in-house IT Department to manage every detail of their Information Technology functions. Few small-to-mid-sized businesses would be able to sustain that. 

The good news is: you don't have to.

IT Consultant companies take care of your IT infrastructure in the same way your own in-house IT department would have done so in the past. 

A few minutes of unexpected downtime of your IT infrastructure can have some serious repercussions to your business, and if that happens several times in a year, your company's reputation and bottom line could be at stake.

How can an IT Consulting company help my Indianapolis business? 

The list of services an IT Consultant firm can provide is exhaustive.

Your on-call IT Department.

An IT Consultant company is your IT Department, ready to call upon the moment a glitch occurs. A good IT Consultant will respond in less than an hour and be able to handle simple-to-complex remedies remotely. This saves you money and office space, eliminating extra staff you would need to house in your headquarters. Your employees can focus on your core mission and get the job done without fear of disruption.


An IT Consulting firm can help you set your business up the right way in the first place. This will ensure your system best fits your needs, is compatible throughout the work process and can be managed remotely for optimum efficiency.


The most efficient way to prevent service disruptions is to keep systems, hardware, software and cyber security constantly updated and protected. Routine maintenance is kept up-to-date with the goal of avoiding system hiccups before they happen. Proper maintenance reduces wasted time for workers and embarrassing explanations for customers. 

Active Support

Active Support is the basic service in IT management. Your IT Consultant firm offers real-time support, whether over the phone or via a live chat link through their helpdesk. If properly set up, the technicians can even take control of a particular workstation remotely to address issues. A thorough diagnosis of the problem may reveal that the solution requires a live visit to the workspace, and a technician can then be dispatched.

Data Storage

These days, the notion that you have to keep your software and data on your own drives is old-school. Your IT Consultant company can set up your system so that some of your software is Software-as-a-Service, your data is stored in the Cloud (off-premises and safe from accidents or weather) and your system data is saved regularly by a series of timed backups. They can expedite data recovery when needed and manage employee access to data on an ongoing basis.


Communication, whether internal or customer-facing, is the backbone of business anywhere. Many businesses rely on VOIP (Voice Over IP) for their telecom needs. Telephones are routed into the onsite IT system and most calls are made over the internet. This saves money and dependence on a telephone utility provider. Your IT Consultant company can set up a VOIP system for your daily voice communication.

Email Services

Another critical channel for doing business is via email. Using a large hosting company may not give you the flexibility and personal service you desire. Some keep it local to their own servers. Your IT Consultant firm can offer a full range of email support services such as creating and deleting accounts, storage of email traffic and resetting credentials. 

Security Services

Any organization's IT structure is vulnerable to outside interference or malicious attack. The targeted data may be your own company's products or the database of partner and customer information that you are trusted to maintain. The more complex the IT system, the more critical the need for well-orchestrated cyber security protection. An IT Consulting firm can install the most effective measures, such as firewalls as well as software for anti-virus/anti-malware protection. 

Backup Services

Local storage of vital data is necessary for day-to-day operation, but should a system failure, fire, flood or natural disaster result in full or partial loss of that data, it could paralyze your company and expose you to liability. Timed backups, preferably saved to a protected storage system located offsite, are your greatest protection. Your IT Consultant company can set up regularly timed backups, saving data to a secure storage system either onsite or offsite, or in the Cloud.

Managed IT 

Your IT Consultant company can provide many individual services to keep your business functioning smoothly without fear of IT disruptions. For the most effective and efficient operation, consider a comprehensive IT Management service. Your IT Consultant firm can take the reins and manage virtually every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Your IT infrastructure will be efficiently managed, including all hardware, networks, data and access/cyber security. You can rest assured that all your IT requirements are well covered.   

Rely on Cyberian Technologies to support your local Indianapolis business

Cyberian Technologies is renowned throughout the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area for their IT savvy, experience and reputation. Their expertise, rapid response time, proactive approach and customer-centered style inspire confidence in their ability to manage and protect your IT infrastructure. Talk to Cyberian Technologies about managing your systems to keep you running smoothly 24/7/365. What you gain is peace of mind.