Security awareness, advanced endpoint security protections and network security for your business

Cyberian Technologies has put together an IT Security Service that helps organizations train end users on IT Security and identify and implement the proper safeguards to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data. The IT Security Service:

  • Provides online security awareness training and testing to all employees
  • Provides security awareness micro-training updates on a weekly basis
  • Performs simulated Phishing attacks on your employee base
  • Creates written information security policies (WISP)
  • Performs and documents a detailed Security Risk Assessment and/Security Audit
  • Provides access to our Security Documentation Portal
  • Includes $100,000 of Financial Protection in the event of a security incident (optional)
  • Includes Breach Response services in the event of a security incident (optional)

With comprehensive plans for data and network protection, reliable security is finally within your reach.

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Our advanced security protections defeat threats across all major vectors of attack. Our technology doesn’t depend on signatures or heuristic analyses, which is only effective on files. We watch the endpoint system from the perspective of process and can identify any major type of cyberattack, regardless of how it is launched.

If you are concerned about employees and the dangers of cybercriminals gaining access to your network, then call us today about how we can implement a managed security plan for your business.