Cloud Computing Services - How Cyberian Can Help

Indianapolis, Indiana, isn't just the Crossroads of America, it can also be considered the crossroads of business. Enterprise today operates on computing power; most organizations rely heavily on their IT systems to carry the heavy loads of their daily business. And here in Indianapolis, savvy businesses rely on Cyberian Technologies' cloud computing solutions to help get the work done.

While fully scalable, our services are available for a flat fee, so you can plan your budgets without worrying about any surprise costs or emergency shutdowns. And you don't need to take on additional staff or capital investment ― you just focus on your company's key mission.

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What is Cloud Computing?

The truth is, you probably use the cloud for your computing needs every day, whether you know it or not. Most email systems, office programs, video and audio players and gaming apps are now stored in the cloud. When you need something, you simply access the software, as well as your own files, from the cloud in order to accomplish your tasks. You never have to worry about buying or updating software, because the latest versions, fully protected from malware, are available to you at the touch of a mouse.

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Benefits of a Cloud Computing Service

As well as accessing current software, the cloud allows you to store your own data in a safe, easy-to-use, access-controlled environment. You can arrange for as much storage capacity as you require and if your needs change, even temporarily, your cloud capacity can be as flexible as you wish. Cyberian's highly-trained, experienced team can handle setting up, adjusting and maintaining your cloud-based system.

24/7 Availability

Your data is safe and fully protected from intrusion. Your authorized personnel are granted access any time, day or night, and are restricted to the particular level or area of access you specify. Cloud servers are kept at top operating specs with conscientious service and upgrades, ensuring their uptime remains at virtually 99.9%.

Flexibility in Capacity

If your computing needs fluctuate, we're right there with you. Flexibility is the key to cloud computing, as capacity, apps, functions and access can be modified at a moment's notice. This is important in business applications because you may discover the need for something for a short time that you won't need beyond that point. It also comes in handy when building and testing new apps that call for services to be up-scaled and down-scaled during certain parts of the process. The cloud can accommodate these changes with ease.

Lower Operational Costs

Cloud computing is priced on a reasonable, monthly subscription basis. It saves you a lot of money in infrastructure, personnel and maintenance costs. It also offers a stable, consistent and fully protected IT solution so that your team can carry on with their core mission without missing a beat. Cloud computing service has been proven to significantly save you money over maintaining a stand-alone IT center with all the expenses inherent in that.

Disaster Recovery Simplified

How frustrating and expensive is even brief downtime of your IT system? But in the event of a catastrophic failure, the most important factor is having service and full access restored quickly, with no loss of data. With Cyberian cloud service, backup of your data is effortless and ongoing, and restoration after a disaster is simple and fast. Your clients and partners trust you with their sensitive information; it's good to know you can keep the promise of protecting it, regardless of intrusion, weather event or some other kind of disaster.

Tools You Can Use

We supply a full toolbox full of simple, intuitive and effective solutions for managing your cloud-based system. Because your "IT center" is now based off-site, never means that you don't have complete control of your data and how it's handled. We give you the tools; you're in the driver's seat.

Analyze Data

Generous amounts of data don't help anyone if you can't analyze it, spot trends and possible bottlenecks and manage how it's processed. We give you the ability to hear what your data is telling you and bring that to a stage where you can take action. Cloud services like machine learning and artificial intelligence help you to gain more insight and guide your decision-making process to power your company's core missions.

Embed Intelligence

Drive your business and help your customers realize their dreams and aspirations with the help of intelligent modeling solutions which are at your fingertips through our cloud services. Data doesn't just sit in storage, it's used to inform your next move and, subsequently, your customers. They'll turn to you for answers and you'll have them ready with the data to back them up.

Stream Audio and Video

Audio and video are powerful communication media, as they can influence the way we feel as well as think. Reach out to your customers, current and prospective, in ways that can break through the daily clutter of messages and give them something to remember, with high-definition audio and video that can be distributed worldwide.

Easily Managed

You're at the controls of your cloud content, and those controls are simple and effective. You can manage and maintain your operations as if they were happening in the same room as you. You don't notice the distance or any lag time in your day-to-day operations, you just forge ahead ... with complete confidence.

Cloud Computing Service Types:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

You don't need to purchase, house, maintain or upgrade your IT system, we take care of all that.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Everything you need to generate new applications is at your fingertips, whether it's a simple app or a groundbreaking, genre-disrupting software suite.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Any task you would normally perform, from word processing to email to spreadsheets to media playback and editing is done through the cloud. You no longer purchase entire software programs, you simply use the latest and most updated versions on an as-you-go basis.

Cloud Computing Takes Your Business to the Next Level

Create Your Own Cloud-Native Applications

Quickly build, deploy, and scale your own applications for use on the web, as mobile apps, or as an API. Take advantage of cloud-native technologies and approaches, such as containers, Kubernetes, microservices architecture, API-driven communication, and DevOps.

But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our clients are saying:

Knowledge and Professionalism

Cyberian Technologies has done a wonderful job integrating into our support environment. Being the only IT support person on-site, I was concerned that the transition would be difficult and there would be many kinks to iron out. However, it was a smooth process integrating Cyberian into our environment as an escalation point. All of our staff quickly became comfortable with the arrangement and spoke highly of the support they received from Cyberian engineers. Employee morale is up due to confidence in our infrastructure, and we did not use any of our staff’s valuable time working out issues in the escalation process.

Cyberian’s flexibility is impressive. While they will provide feedback on what technology or systems they think would benefit our business, they are also willing to support our environment as-is. This gives us options to fully consider how technology might better impact our business on our own timeline and budget. I would advise anyone on the fence to sit down with representatives from Cyberian. Their knowledge and professionalism will be everything needed to make an informed decision.

AL IT Coordinator
Engineering Firm

We Experienced Immediate Process Improvement

We came to the realization that real change needed to occur with our daily IT support/service and integration initiatives. After a thorough RFP process, the executive leadership unanimously decided to award our managed service partnership to Cyberian Technologies. The onboarding process was smooth and thorough as we experienced immediate process improvement and end user satisfaction. Additionally, Cyberian engineers had an expert eye for prioritizing infrastructure development, IT support delivery and security considerations.

We are extremely pleased with their commitment to our overall success. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to any organization searching for a professional team to enhance their current IT environment and serve the technical needs of their employees.

NS IT Director
Healthcare Marketing Company

Now We Have an Entire Team of Experts

Before our partnership with Cyberian Technologies, our department was very unorganized and had increased turnover. We did not have proper IT training procedures for new employees nor did we have an “expert” to go to for certain problems. Our resolution times have been significantly reduced since our partnership. Now, we feel as if we have an entire team of experts available to our staff whenever we need them. Cyberian is our one stop shop for all our daily IT support needs and ongoing initiatives. They monitor our daily efficiencies, assist with problem prevention, long-term planning and perform our annual security and risk assessments. Their team always provides us with superior customer service and valued peace of mind. We would highly recommend Cyberian’s services for anyone interested in outsourcing their IT.

Medical Surgery Center

We Moved From Out of State to Local Support

I manage a busy OBGYN office with multiple locations. I was unhappy with our IT service providers since they were based out of state. I wanted to have a local solution to give my physicians and staff the peace of mind and ability to have issues responded to in the most efficient and effective way. Cyberian Technologies has been an outstanding partner, providing resources where our practice needs it most. I find them easy to work with and I feel good about supporting a local company at the same time.


Superior Partnership With Cyberian Technologies

Their company embodies a rare combination of professionalism, technical expertise and customer service. They took the time to understand our unique operational needs and prioritized our technology infrastructure, compliance and security initiatives.

Cyberian Technologies built our trust quickly with responsive support we needed, allowing us to spend less time on our IT issues. Overall, we greatly value the direction and assistance we receive from Cyberian’s management and would recommend them to any organization looking to stabilize their IT environment and improve their employee’s daily experience.

MC Partner, Financial Advisor
Financial Services

Prompt, Courteous and Reliable IT

The biggest benefit we receive from Cyberian Technologies is the immediate service when we call in with questions or problems. Whenever we call, we receive answers that are not only fast, but easy to follow as well. I would absolutely recommend Cyberian to anyone looking for a prompt, courteous and reliable IT provider.

SH County Auditor

Our Projects Are Up And Running Faster Than Ever

We use Cyberian Technologies primarily for their flexibility and level of server and networking knowledge. We tend to initiate projects on a short-term notice, and Cyberian has always been a great partner in providing educated and well-trained resources as we need them. In doing so, we have been able to get projects up and running quicker, since we do not have to take valuable project time to train the consulting resources on our installed technology, work processes and future plans. Cyberian has always been helpful in brainstorming and providing talented and consistent resources while keeping an open communication status while performing.

CT VP Technical Services
Energy Company

Above And Beyond Our Expectations

The autonomous nature of how the Cyberian Technologies engineers operate provide a significant benefit to our company by reducing the management workload. Not only do they resolve issues as they occur, in near-real-time, but they also go above and beyond by planning ahead and critiquing and correcting additional items that require attention.

Their network engineers, go above and beyond working with not only the internal IT team, but end-users as well. They truly feel like an extension of our department and to that point, I receive compliments on them just as if they we were one of our own. I highly recommend Cyberian as an IT Vendor you can trust your business with, from the top Leadership Team down to their field engineers.


Our Professional Relationship Is A True Partnership

We have complete "peace of mind" knowing we have a team of professionals with "diverse experience and skill sets" that can back us up and assist with problems we can't solve on our own. And we can always count on Cyberian Technologies to respond immediately if there is an "urgent" issue. Since there are only two of us in the IT department, it is impossible for us to know everything, so we depend on the knowledge of the Cyberian team to assist us with special projects, monitoring our servers and security, and resolving difficult problems.

Our experience has always been enjoyable, as the staff is very friendly, helpful, and willing to go out of their way to assist us. We have built an excellent rapport with the "guys" and feel that our professional relationship is a true "partnership". We consider Cyberian a part of our own team! When we receive calls from other IT vendors, I tell them "Sorry, but we have the best and we don't plan on changing anytime soon!"

TC Director of Technology

We Trust Cyberian Technologies

We depend on Cyberian Technologies during a crisis and their responsiveness and expertise are critical. I have worked with them at two different companies and always benefit from their professionalism. We trust Cyberian.

LS Director of IT

They Are An Integral Part Of Our Organization

We began working with Cyberian Technologies at a very critical time for our organization.  In March of 2012 our network administrator resigned and left our company on virtually the same day.  The Cyberian Technologies team immediately came into a difficult situation, reviewed our network and server systems, updated our IT environment documentation, discussed our workflow with all of our departments, and most importantly, provided an immediate sense of stability to all of our global teams.  They continue to be our IT managed service provider and have overseen our entire network environment since 2012.  They are an integral part of our organization.  We see them as an extension of our IT department and are a true trusted partner for our entire company.

PL Director of IT
Medical Billing

Their Service And Expertise Is What All IT Firms Should Strive For

We moved to Cyberian Technologies to help implement a hosted server platform as well as an extension to our IT Department. They saved us an INFINITE amount of time and effort by maintaining all of our hardware and data center. With their highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers, we’ve always had our questions and concerns resolved quickly for both U.S. and India based operations. Their service and expertise is what all IT Firms should strive to work towards, as they’ve been such a pleasure to work with!

JB Senior IT Systems Administrator
Medical Billing Company

Reliable IT Service and Support

By far the most reliable IT Managed Services firm our CPA firm has ever experienced! Cyberian Technologies response times and support have always allowed us to focus on our clients and work through tax season without the concern of our IT systems having issues. If you are on the fence about working with Cyberian, get off the fence, it will be the best decision you make!

FS President
CPA Firm

The 12 Years Of Partnership Has Really Paid Off In Our 25 Years Of Business

I’ve always felt confident in our current and applicable IT environment. No matter the issue, concern, time, or situation, they’ve always been resolved immediately! Many times, Cyberian Technologies team has notified us before we even knew there was an issue or a possible threat. We’ve been in business over 25 years and have never encountered an IT service like them. Their engineers seems to have seen it all, where as other IT firms have to spend a significant amount of time trying to identify problems.

Logistics Company

Their Service Is Second To None

We have been working with Cyberian Technologies for many years. Their service is truly second to none in the industry. Accuracy, reliability and response times are equally crucial for us. Thankfully, our IT provider exceeds our standards. Response times are quick and support cases are always handled within a timely manner, no matter the day or time. Their highly trained engineers design a top notch experience, none that I have ever experienced before!

TB Director of IT
Motor Speedway

I Can Finally Sleep At Night!

Cyberian Technologies are genuine about my company and our needs by providing necessary advice and counseling we need, rather than just selling us services we wouldn’t need, as I’ve experienced with my previous provider. It gives my team and I a peace of mind knowing our network is securely protected and functioning at a reliable level. We are a $5 million dollar non-profit organization, so a strong, supportive and responsive IT firm is nothing less than an absolute!

TL Marketing Communications Executive

Our IT Is Now Hassle Free!

We didn’t have an in-house IT person, so we needed someone to help manage our server issues. Our server was out dated. Cyberian Technologies consolidated and moved us to cloud remote hosting to take the work (headache) away from us.  Our IT issues are now hassle free! We don’t have to constantly call someone to figure out what’s wrong in an area where we are not experts. Cyberian handles our backups and upgrades. The responsive help desk is very courteous, professional and so easy to work with. Additionally, we receive weekly reports that give us in depth visibility of our IT infrastructure and ultimately “Peace of Mind”.

CL Director of Finance

Provides a Personal and Professional Experience

We’ve received the biggest benefit from Cyberian Technologies consistent high level of expertise. In the past, we’ve wasted so much of our time going through different contacts in order to get something done. Cyberian allows us to call in directly and speak with their trained staff to solve issues promptly. They focus their conversations and implementations around your main concerns. We have always been provided with a personal and professional experience. 

JM Senior VP of IT and Facilities

They Have, By Far, Surpassed Any Other IT Company

We use Cyberian Technologies professional IT services for all of our businesses. We find them to be truly unique with their software and ability to quickly identify existing and potential issues. We’ve continued to be impressed with their customer service. Our calls have always been answered and handled immediately. They have, by far, surpassed any other IT company we have worked with in the past. They truly care about their customers and make efforts to build sustainable relationships with them. We find exceptional value with the prompt and professional service they provide at a recommended price. It’s easy to say, Cyberian has certainly became a part of our daily business.

RC President
Pet Services

Their Support Prepares Us For Scalable Growth

We were in need of a partner to work with our team on projects including hardware, security and backup/replication. Cyberian Technologies stepped in, and provides critical IT support and resolution to our issues in a professional and timely manner. Their experienced professional engineers have served us well in all project initiatives. Additionally, the frequent and quality reporting gives us in-depth visibility of our IT infrastructure which allows us to prepare for scalable growth in our organization. They provided us with all of our IT support in a cost effective way!

JR IT Manager

Their Responsiveness Has Increased Our Productivity!

We were being neglected by our previous IT provider, as Cyberian Technologies came in and consolidated our systems, updating our hardware and software programs, as well as desktop computers. They also identified our existing problems and resolved all of our issues in a very timely manner. Their responsiveness to our requests and operating needs has increased our productivity and our bottom line. We would, without a doubt, recommend them if you’re looking for a reliable, prompt, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented IT provider!

TR Director of Payer Relations
Medical Supply Company

The Best Experience, For Multiple Years, Within The Indianapolis Area!

Cyberian Technologies has always been quick to respond with their 24/7 Helpdesk. They understand the urgency, even outside of normal business hours. I have personally worked with Andy for over 8 years and have enjoyed and appreciated the consistency of the overall experience.

Cyberian’s sales process gives me a sense of peace as I know that when I hand a project off, the sales professionals at Cyberian will help me architect the best solution for our business. I have found it to be extraordinarily different than past sales meetings or IT providers. They bring an engineer to perform a review of the overall environment and will go out of their way to fix situations that may not have been created by them. Overall, the experience is incomparable to any other network providers within the Indianapolis area!

AP Director of IT
Service Delivery Company